I Never Thought That it Would Hit This Hard


I have friends that got disillusioned by Post Malone once he said his album was going to be more country than hip-hop. I have more friends that knew for sure White Iverson was a fluke, Post Malone is just a kid who would disappoint them with some half-assed mumbles and struggle bars, like everyone else who touched their cheeks and said, ‘saucin’.




Admit it; you thought Post Malone was a one hit wonder. I did, he probably did too. You see, the rationale behind the one hit wonder is not that the one hit wonder never releases any more music; it’s that nothing else the one hit wonder does will ever top, let alone match, the one hit. However, Post Malone is not a one hit wonder.

Stoney is perfect aux cord music for driving through back roads at 2 am with the squad. The country influence is strong with this one, it’s subtle and present: a small injection of heart and soul and acoustic into smooth bumpings and dank bass.

He pays his respects to A$AP Yams and Bankroll Fresh, they died too young. He talks about life after ‘White Iverson’, the things that changed, the things that didn’t. How badly he’s waited for this moment to flex on the haters. Women that rode him good and did him wrong. Losing yourself in the sauce and it tasted so good.

I wanna go up there
And I don’t ever wanna come down

The sizzling hats orbit around my head, if I close my eyes, I can see the dim studio lights, the flash of a grin and a rose gold grill, I can feel the peaks and the come downs, the liquor, I can smell perfume on the base of a neck.

‘Leave’ is an anthem to anyone who has ever been in an unhealthy relationship, a situationship: How do you leave each other when you can’t leave each other alone? The symphony strings emphasizing the brutal longing of it all, that’s how you know it’s raw.  ‘Go Flex’ is all your dreams unfolding before your very eyes, and you’d remember those nights when you’d stare out into the sky thinking, “Man, I just wanna go flex.”

Post Malone knows exactly what he’s doing. He’s proving some people wrong, he’s proving himself right. August 26th was him teasing. This is the debut, it doesn’t feel like it because he settled in a long time ago, Post Malone is here to stay.tumblr_nsfs6q1dfw1uv2m1to10_540

He’ll be coming down from the high of his life a few more times.



Rated: 3.8 / 5

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