The Cozy Tapes vol. 1: Friends

First things first: R.I.P Yams. You’re the only father that we ever knew.

The second annual Yams Day concert was held last Wednesday at Madison Square Garden in New York and featured artists such as Schoolboy Q, Tyler the creator, and of course, the A$AP mob, to commemorate the life of their founder, A$AP Yams- who formed the group in 2006 and passed in 2015.


Let’s get something straight, if you’re lit with the squad, then this album goes hard. Not so much if you want something skin deep. Regardless, it reeks of sentimentality. Yams was the glue that tied the block together, now they use him to remember how the pieces were stacked. This is an album for Yams, by Yams. It’s been in the works since 2013 as a follow up to the mob’s 2012 project debut Lords Never Worry.

Arguably, rap’s number one fashion savant, A$AP Rocky chooses a mash up of comfort and design thus remaining the fashion forward face of the mob, while being cozy at the same time. Balenciaga meets global warming.

I like ‘Put That On My Set’ because you can see just how strong the camaraderie between the brothers is, and neither one will hesitate to pull up on anyone (that altercation  with spaceghostpurrp a while ago can be held as proof of this statement). Mean thugging while rocking Gucci durags and staying luxuriously classy. A reincarnation of old glamour in 2016 Harlem.

‘Yamborghini high’ plays like a cypher. All of them pouring a lyrical libation to Yams before going in. You can tell that Yams really did have all their best interests at heart and with him gone…well, they’re like children who’ve lost a parent. Yams was their guiding light and now they have to figure things out on their own, but they’re making music, getting that money, and getting lit like Yams would have wanted.

Tyler the Creator passes by in ‘Telephone Calls’. A$AP Rocky makes a bashful jab at Tyler, poking the dragon, knowing what’s gonna happen when he wakes up.

Tell Tyler, better step his flow up

Tyler’s goofy oddball ways sometimes makes me forget how hard he can spit bars. In my opinion, too much Flacko, not enough Ferg. With Rocky in almost every track and Ferg in two.

Still, this is the dream that Yams dreamt, all his boys reaching their potential. Flying high, living life cozy.

Rated: 3.5 / 5





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