beerbongs and bentleys: Post Malone

Quote: “If you’re looking for lyrics, if you’re looking to cry, if you’re looking to think about life, don’t listen to hip-hop.”

Remember when we collectively pointed our pitchforks away from Kanye, for a second, and pointed them at Malone?

When his caucasity became the center of his career?

Does this white mumble rapper from Texas know about the true meaning of hip-hop?”

But in a way, Post Malone was right. Hear me out.

If you’re looking to cry, if you’re looking to think about life then don’t listen to hip-hop. Listen to beerbongs and bentleys. There’s a difference.

Post Malone is a circle trying to fit into the square that is hip-hop.

I’m going to dive right into this with ‘Stay’. Listen to it more than once. In fact, listen to it a couple of times.


Just like ‘Leave’ from his debut album, Stoney. ‘Stay’ sees him brandishing his acoustic guitar and, subsequently, we watch his hear melt onto the floor. Don’t get it twisted. ‘Stay’ may sound sweet on the surface but it’s gut-wrenching. He sings 2 ad libs away from bawling like a man-baby.

You put your cigarette out on my face

‘Over Now’ is the worst way to break up with someone. It’s venomous. He’s spitting poison at her with angry circa-Kevin Rudolph guitar riffs slashing through whatever was left of that relationship. In a phrase, “fuck you”.

I’ma put that bitch pussy in a motherfucking bodybag

You kept your heart on the counter in a Prada bag

Now, have you noticed how much Black rappers complain about their money? Think about it:

  • “Mo’ Money Mo’ Problems” P. Diddy and Mase.
  • ‘All Falls Down’ Kanye West.
  • ‘Real Friends’ Kanye West.
  • The tragedy that is ‘Speedin Bullet to Heaven’ Kid Cudi.
  • Drake. . . All the time.

The way I see it: White musicians tend to relish in their new found fame or say nothing about it (Mike Posner being a popular exception). I don’t know. Maybe I don’t listen to enough white rappers.

Post Malone is the bridge. He’s a white rapper complaining about his new money problems like a black artist. Hence ‘Rich and Sad’.

The song is exactly what it says it’s about. Lil’ Posty is a sad Ritchie Rich, crying in his Maybach, tears as cold as the ice on his rings.

I just keep on wishin’ that the money made you stay

So on one hand, he hates his new-found fame and wealth. But at the same time, he relishes in it. Like the twins, in “Zack and Codeine” we find Malone living his best life. If the Tipton was a trap house, that is.

The fast life is a rolling hill. The highs have breathtaking views. The lows are the sunken place. MDMA, but perpetually.

zach and codeine

“Candy Paint’ has a nursery rhyme flow, but it’s rude AF. I’d totally have rapped along to this in class 3, giggling like I’m in on a naughty secret.

Beerbongs and bentleys plays like your wildest dreams over a blunt and a sunset with your stoner friends and then having all those things come true.

And a sunset has never felt the same since.


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