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We want your music. Yours. All of it. (K maybe just some of it).

If you dig us and think we’ll dig you (spoiler: we probably will), submit your music to forlackofabs@gmail.com and we’ll post it on our Youtube Channel. Okay bye.


I started this page to write on music. Which I love quite dearly. If you’ve come here looking for music news, kindly look away. I feel like the best kind of writing on music is longform. I don’t want to tell you who Drake is dating now or which nightclub Migos were in last night. I want to tell you how music makes me feel. If that’s cool with you, read on.

If you enjoy the things that I do and would like to talk about them more find me on:

Twitter: @soundslikerice

Instagram: soundslikerice

Or if your more old-fashioned:



God, intro’s are awkward.

An average girl trying to make sense of the billowing waves of bliss she feels around sounds.

What are you listening to right now?